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Many years, thousands of men and women around the world have chosen the TERESON® antiperspirant as a safe and reliable product to protect against excessive sweating.

The TERESON® antiperspirant remains the standard of safety and reliability. Try it today and you will realize that the taste for life and self-confidence have returned to you again.


Surely each of us is faced with the problem of excessive sweating and unpleasant odor of sweat, caused by different reasons like hyperhidrosis, hot and humid climate, stressful situations, unpleasant foot odor ... which gives us quite a few problems and generates a big COMPLEX!

There is a solution!

Tereson spray 50 ml. - This is a unique long-acting antiperspirant, its uniqueness concluded in a patented composition which eliminates excessive sweating and unpleasant odor by safe ways.


• Efficiency.
• Safety.
• Profitability (One bottle is designed for using during whole year)
• Does not make marks on clothes.
• Odorless
• In the form of a spray which allows the whole family to use one bottle.
• Escape from complexes associated with sweating and bad smell of sweat!

Foot cream- Most of us experience a complex of unpleasant foot odors, it just limits us so much that we can’t take off our shoes and go to visit someone. In some cases, an unpleasant smell is felt even without taking off our shoes.

What should to do?

Tereson Foot Cream completely eliminates this problem. Tereson Foot Odor Cream prevents foot odor thanks to a special formula which prevents formation of bacteria.

Where you can apply TERESON® 

Head and face

Excessive sweating of the face and head skin

Intimate areas

TERESON® can be used in intimate areas to reduce sweating and odor


Excessive body sweating can cause discomfort and embarrassment


Excessive sweating of the feet causes unpleasant odor and great discomfort


Sweaty armpits will no longer be part of your life and you don’t have to change clothes

Unpleasant body odor

TERESON® Spray will help solve such problem of embarrassment from unpleasant body odor


Excessive sweating of the hands can be a problem when communicating

Extremities prostheses

TERESON® can also be used for people with amputated extremities and extremities prostheses