Excessive sweating caused such troubles as an unpleasant smell and stains/marks on clothes, as well as stress when communicating with people.
TERESON® spray imperceptibly and effectively provides 24-hour protection for all parts of our body. TERESON® is an unique, hermetically sealed spray pulverizer prevents spoilage, and a precise and even dispenser helps to avoid over-application. In general, excessive application of antiperspirants is one of the main causes of skin irritation. If you are attending an important business presentation or holding hand of your loved one, whatever the air temperature, TERESON® will allow you to focus on the main thing and not think about other non-important things, and also, of course, it will return self-confidence to you.
TERESON® Spray has been used in the whole world for many years to protect against excessive perspiration. The spray is 100% free of fragrances and allergens located in a convenient and unique atomizer. The products passes through strict quality and technical control, which guarantees the customer satisfaction.
TERESON® is suitable for all skin types. Its unique composition contains enough components to protect against excessive sweating without skin irritating. TERESON® Spray comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Use only at night as explained in the using manual. Use the spray economically and within a few days you will feel that you have acquired the protection you were looking for.
TERESON® can be used on all parts of the body.
Producer: "A.CORUM MEDICAL" Turkey.

Radioisotope analysis showed that the active components of TERESON® do not stop functioning of sweat glands. The drying effect of TERESON® lotion is provided by “plugs” for pores which are formed from compounds of aluminum and skin proteins. These aluminum and protein compounds are so insoluble that aluminum does not penetrate the bloodstream through the skin. So, TERESON® is absolutely safe for long-term use.

Application/using of the TERESON® spray is very easy. It should be applied only at bedtime in a relaxed state. It is very important to completely dry the skin before application, since when interacting with moisture, TERESON® spray will cause skin irritation. Dry your skin with a hair dryer or with a small amount of talcum powder before using the spray, as well as after use, if you applied excess. As a rule, male skin is thicker than female, and the presence of hair in the armpit area helps protect their skin from excess spray. Therefore, they can apply it with one or two sprays (from a distance of about 10 cm) directly into the central part of the armpit. Excessive spray must be removed with a napkin. Most people will get the protection they need through several applications, however, it may be necessary to continue to apply TERESON® spray every night until the problems are completely resolved. Having reached the desired level of protection, begin to gradually reduce the number of applications per week, in most cases, one or twice a week shall be enough.
Use TERESON® in moderate doses to provide better protection. If too much spray is applied, the sweat ducts will be completely blocked by the pore plugs, which will eventually lead to a breakthrough of the pore plugs and return to the original excessive perspiration. In this case, it is necessary to allow skin to rest for several days, and then start again the spray application, not forgetting the correct dosage of TERESON® spray/
It is very important to apply the TERESON® spray only on wet areas. Avoid contact with large areas of skin, mucous membranes, and damaged skin. TERESON® spray is safe to use on the entire surface of body, however, to avoid aggravations, you need to use a cotton swab, especially on the head skin. Apply the spray on the head skin by gently pushing hairs and gently touching skin with a cotton swab. The frequency of use in each case is individual. Take it easy, gradually reducing the frequency of use and amount of the product used to achieve impact and maintain protection. The formula of these products is designed specifically for people suffering from excessive sweating, but they can be used by everyone, especially by people who need protection effective during one week .

TERESON® Foot Cream:

Product Information:

Sweaty feet emits an unpleasant odor which can become a serious problem in result of some people simply hesitate to take off at a party. TERESON® Foot Cream is really effective, and you will be simply amazed at the duration of its action. TERESON® Foot Cream relieves the feet from unpleasant odors for a period up to 6 months.

Bring back breath to the skin of your legs! Freshly emitted sweat is odorless. The well-known unpleasant aroma of “foul-smelling legs” is observed only when bacteria in the skin of the legs decompose in various skin secretions. TERESON® Foot Cream works in two directions. First - This cream helps to reduce reproduction of annoying bacteria, creating a drier environment. Second - natural components with powerful bactericidal properties which destroy the remaining bacteria. Regular application of this cream helps eliminate all bacteria. The residual bactericidal effect allows to maintain a fresh smell of legs for several months.

Using TERESON® cream is quite simple and practical. After cleaning the leg area, apply the cream by a thin layer. It is recommended to wear cotton socks. TERESON® Foot Cream has no side effects.